Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, how time flies...

After lent was over, it was weird for me being online.  It was like that I add nothing really to do, but I did not feel right going on Facebook.  Then, my next show started at school and I saw myself more and more not even turning on my computer except to draw blueprints for my show and writing essays.  Today, the first day of some type of freedom I've had to freely play online, I did not know what to do.  I went onto my Facebook account and as I was scrolling down, I saw the link for my blogger, and well here I am.


I had a b-day party for myself.  I have some close friends over for a Greek themed dinner party.  I would have to say I spoiled my friends.  I am glad that I have them in my life because I do not know what I would do without some of them;  you are really my family away from home.  At the end of the month, it was not as good as the beginning.  I was hit by a car while riding my bike home.  The ready sad part is that I was only 3 blocks away from my house.  :-(  Fortunately, I did not have anything break, except my wallet.  I am trying to get his insurance company to pay for everything, I hope that is something that is going to get settled soon so that I can get caught up on my bills.

Spring Break

I went to Catalina with some friends from school to study the book of Mark.  That was the best time I have had in a long time.  At first when my friends were trying to sell me on the idea, I was thinking why would I want to studying for 10 hrs a day during my spring break, but then I started thinking why would I not want to?  It was a bit hard on me because I ended up catching a cold from when I was in the emergency room and having to walk around the island (since I had been hit 3 days earlier by a car).  I tried to play things safe, but during our free time there were so many things I wanted to do and then my active side came and said just take your meds and play with everyone else.  I was able to go canoeing, snorkeling, and fishing.  I was the only person to bring fishing gear, so I was able to take so college kids out fishing for their first time.  We caught a couple of halibut; it was very exciting.


My show started up and had to deal with the crazy's again.  But, though I might bump heads with other designers, it is all about the finished product, and that is why I am still in the biz.  My crew is wonderful and they are all working so hard.  They make me proud about everything I built and the way I have taught them (because they are doing so well).  

I have been able to start working again and my leg does not hurt that bad anymore, but now again it tries to hold me down.  lol  It looks like that I am not heading out for any internship.  It is okay, maybe next summer, since I am going to be graduating and will be done with school.  I will be lighting shows in the area and LA, which will still be a great thing to toss on the resume.  

In two weeks, I will be able to put another semester behind me and start the count down till  graduation.  :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

New home

My friend was able to get approved for her housea couple of weeks ago, so I have a new home. Yeah! I started to move things over yesterday. It is a very nice house. Pictures coming soon. House warming will take place next month after my show open's. I want to be able to enjoy it as well as be a great host.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

This has been a busy week for me...

I am glad though that I have made it so far.


Like all college students, we like to wait till the last minute to work on projects. But I think now that it is not because we want to, it is more that we have other things to work on. Well, I am heading to a conference / competition in LA for the week. And well, I did not have time the week before to work on my project for this so I decided to work on it after work (6pm). Well I forgot that I had a designer run-through for my other show that is opening the first week of March. I did not get out of there till 11pm. WOW, this is a great time to work on / start on my project. 6 a.m. rows around and it is almost time for me to catch my train. I was able to get everything completed.


I though that I would be able to head to LA and get back to Fullerton in 3 hrs. But the train gods did not think so. My train heading back to the OC was not there so I had to wait 2 hrs for the next one. I did not get back to the OC till 12noon and I was supposed to be in Balboa at 12. I got there at 1:30p. I also got a parking ticket for not parking head in. Silly parking cops. I finished work at 12a, and as I was on my way home, I got pulled over because I guess I looked like a person that robbed someone earlier that morning. First, it is 12am. I’M BLACK! How can you see me???? Oh…. Wait… I’m black and driving in the OC.


I check my messages from yesterday and found out that they moved my time for my interview, so I had to jet to LA STAT!!!! I get down there, and find out, that they didn’t after (no phone letting me know this) and actually they were an hr behind. So I got to LA at 11:30a and did not go till 7pm. But the interview went well.


I get a morning wake up call that I was one of the finalists for the design competition. YEAH!!! So, now I have to go through a final round Sat night. So I am going to be busy all day Saturday. Well, my department chair does not really care that we are busy this week, our light plots are still due, so I worked on it all day today. I finished around 5pm. I have to find her tomorrow and get her to approve it so that I can get my crew to load it in on Tuesday night. You have to love the theatre though, always one show to the next.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Bike

So I decided to yesterday that I was spending too much money on riding the bus to and from school and that I would be doing myself and my wallet a favor and just buy a new bike. So after church I went to Wal-Mart and met "Chuck." Chuck got no clue on what he was talking about involving bikes. This was kind of scary because the things he was saying would or should have turned me away from buying anything that was assembled by Wal-Mart. But since, I have a tough next 3 weeks ahead, I knew that I had to get the bike. IT TOOK FOREVER. I thought that Chuck was building me a new bike. Well an hour and $100 later, I got home with my new bike and actually rode it to rehearsal. It was nice being back on a bike after 4 months but MAN I am not in the same shape I was in before. I guess it is time to hit the gym again. But that will have to wait till March 10th.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


So why did I give up Facebook and MySpace? Well, I was at a young adult bible study group and we had a speaker join us. Tim started talking about how Jesus has given up so much for us and then started talking about "Lent." He challenged us to give up something for 40 days. I sat in my seat debating if it was something that I even wanted to be apart of. I think that I have been fooling myself in trying that just because it was something that was practiced only by a couple of faiths that I should not take part. But I prayed on the issue and I saw a vision of all of the things that Jesus has given up for me. This was a small task compared to the things he has done for me. I looked at the things that I gave more time to than my faith and I decided on giving up Facebook.

What is Lent?

Lent is a 40-day liturgical season that begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes at the Great Vigil of Easter. Sundays are not included in the 40-day count because every Sunday is a joyful celebration of Jesus' resurrection. Though not biblical, Lent has long been a tradition in the Christian Church, and it is thought that the tradition of the 40 days recalls the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness, fasting and being tempted by Satan (Matthew 4:1-11). Lent is considered a time of penance and discipline.


Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. Since I have given up Facebook and MySpace for the next 6 weeks, I have decided to take up a new hobby. It has been great seeing so many people that I cared about from my past on here and seeing how your lives have been over the years. This year, I want to work on being more open with my friends and keeping in touch with those that I have lost contact with.