Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm in search for answers about this new craze called "Twitter." I have been on it for about a week now (sorry for those that received invites, I thought it was checking for my friends that also had it) and I will play around with it for another month or so. But for the most part all it is about is updating people on what you doing or feeling. For those that are on Facebook, Twitter is only the status update but with a 140 character limit per update. You can send messages directly to people or comment in a way on someone else's update.

I do wonder how Twitter was able to claim this as "their idea." One cool part about it though, there are a lot of celebs that are on it and if you want to keep up with the OMG of the rich and famous, you will be kept entertained. You can make updates from desktop or by cell phone.
If you are bored and are looking for something new to do on your smart phones, try it out. You might like. Twitter does not seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Here are a couple of sites to get you started:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lascari's delivery boy

I do not want to rant all of the time, but today seemed like the heat made the crazy people two times more crazy than usual. I was driving home from work and a delivery boy cut me off in his truck. I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, he really wants to get this food to his customers on time... even at the risk of hitting me." So I follow him around a turn and the "silly" kid forgot to lock his storage unit on the side of the truck and almost lost the food in. I pull up aside him to be nice and let him know. He looks at me weird, says "huh" and I shake my head at him and repeated myself. He understands what I said this time, gets out of the truck and runs to the opposite side of the truck to close the door. You would think that he would be able to handle this, except he puts the truck in "reverse" instead of park. The truck starts to not only roll backwards because we are on a hill, but pick up some speed. Yes, I sat in my car the hold time and watched. (He should not have cut me off). He runs back around, lays on the horn and gets the truck into park. Runs back around to lock the side and he gets back into the truck, drives forward and tells me thanks and drives away. He should not be taking me but someone else that he didn't hit anyone in the process of his truck driving its self backwards.

I'm back

So I was at work today (I know, bad EJ) and I was thinking to myself that I need a release from the silliness that occurs around me. And when I mean the silliness, I really mean the stupid behavior that our society has for some reason deemed acceptable for our youth to get away with.

I am going to try and make more time to update people on what is going on in my life.