Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Acapulco fundraiser

So I went to Acapulco for dinner Monday night. A friend that was having a fundraiser for a club she is apart of. 25% of the sales yesterday would go to the club. This is a great deal that they were able to work out. It happened to be Margarita Monday as well so there were some craziness there at the end of the night but overall I had a great time. After dinner, we went to a bar to shoot some pool. The plan was to go bowling, which at first I was excited for. But after seeing how expensive it was going to be, I made the executive my money would be best to save for another rainy day. Some still went bowling but I stayed behind. Good thing too, because I met someone and we had great conversations. Not trying to be cryptic right now, but guys "yes you can actually talk to gals and not want to sleep with them." And no, it doesn't mean they are a relative or an ex. I know, I know... it doesn't make any sense to some of you, but Google it. It is possible.

Silver Dollar Dream

had a dream about a silver dollar last night. It was wrapped in a plastic cover printed with the design of a quarter on the front and the back. The plastic coming up a bit which is how I discovered that it was a fake. There was a couple that was trying to get it back from me, but I don't know why.

The big about the dream is that I usually do not remember my dreams. I wonder what it means. Does it mean that I am going to receive or find a fortune? Or does it mean someone is going to try and rip me off? And if they are, how? Are they going to get me to give them money? Or am I going to be turning a profit and they are going to get me to give it to them? So many questions and so many different outcomes... oh dear.