Monday, January 4, 2010

Chelsea Lately Show

So I got to go see a live taping of the show. I really enjoy watching the show. What I was disappointed in, is how it seemed the staff did not care about there jobs. We were told to show up by 230pm, and then I had a friend tell me that ppl show up early to stand in line (so they can get a better seat). So my friends and I show up at 12p. Luck for us we did because they started to check ppl at 130p. After we got through security, around 230, we sat for about 25 minutes. They shot the show in just over 35 minutes (if you are not familiar with the show, it runs 24 mins long). I was back to my car by 3:47pm and home by 430p. It was great to not have to sit in Los Angeles traffic. But everything outside of the actual show seemed so unorganized. With all of the dead time, they really could have shot at least 2 episodes.

Lastly, Chelsea did sign copies of her book if you brought a copy, but she didn't talk or even say hi or thanks for coming to the show. I understand we all may have a lot on our plates at times, but even a hi or thank you is not too hard to say.

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