Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People's Choice Award Show 2010

I would like to thank my buddy 'girl Alex' for allowing me to escort her this year's award show. It was a great experience. Being a seat filler is fun, but it can also be pain. Everyone that signs up wants to me in the front or in line sight to be on television. We were lucky to be asked to move down, without having to 'whore ourselves' out. I know there are females out there that think that guys have one track minds, but there are still men, not boys out there that think differently. It is great that you dress up, but no need to look like a hoe.

We got to sit two rows back from the house right island stage, which was about 12 rows back from the main stage. If you watched the show and read any of stories, I saw all of the stars. The new kids on the block, I had no idea who they were before tonight, had all of the young kids in the audience screaming like little girls. Then I would just ask the young lady next to me, "and who is that?" Haha I believe that she was probably happy when the show was over.

So as I re-watch the show, I did see myself twice. The first time, you cannot actually see my face, but you can see where I was seated. The second time is when Jessica Alba is presenting, as the camera is moving towards her, you can see me on the right side clapping.

Overall, I had a great night and I got to hang out with my 'girl Alex.'

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