Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday on Wednesday

As small as it may seem, I was really looking forward to contributing to #TopTenTuesday this week. About two weeks ago the realization that I basic gave up on social media over the summer and turned back to online gaming. The biggest problem with this is I was spending money that I should have been saving. But now, I am trying to make a come back. With my return back to Twitter, one of the first tweets I saw was Katie's #TopTenTuesday []. I enjoyed her post, and so what the heck?! Here I go...

'Top Ten Things' I seem not to be able to survive without

10. Job
Though we might not be on the best terms right now, more because I don't agree with "vision" I still need you so that I can complete most of the items on this list this week. So I'll deal with the love/hate relationship this week, but "You better shape up, you better understand,
to my heart I must be true" and will leave you in a heart beat if things don't change.

09. Internet
Let's just get it out there. I hate you AT&T. And because of this I have found other means of getting my fix. I'm not saying because I don't want to incriminate myself. But all I can say or "not say" is somehow this blog is being written & posted and you are not seeing a dime of my money.

08. Money
Money. Do I really need to say anymore?? Okay, if I must. I go out into the world as an innocent lamb and these clothing and electronic stores do their devilish mating dance around them. But you are there to protect me by throwing yourself at them to ease the pain as quick as possible. I thank for this, but I am starting to run out of room in my closet and on my desk/television stand. We might want to go apartment shopping soon so that we can have more room to clutter.

07. Car
Thank you for getting me from point-A to point-B. You see that I defend you when my "friends" pick on you. I do it cause I care about you. Just remember that when we go in for the smog check in two weeks.

06. Nature
This week you have proven to my friends not in California why I'm so lucky. I love the 90 degree weather in November. So Santa might have to wear shorts next month. Its called change and we all should learn how to deal.

05. Disneyland Pass
For those who did not know, yes I'm spoiled. I live in the OC, what else would you expect?! So I thank Disney for having an interest free payment plan so we locals [I] can go spend "free" time with your southern California parks when I'm down, bored, hyper, under the weather, and/or for any other excuse to not be in school or work my readers may come up with.

04. Ducks season tickets
Yes, I like to pull money from my money tree in my backyard. lol I love sports and I don't have a football team near me. So Thank you for letting me get my live aggression fix through another sport. Go Anaheim Ducks.

03. iPhone
So some may say that my fingers are attached to my iPhone. I say you are jealous that I have the iPhone4.

02. Family & Friends
Sometimes I can be closed off, but you guys and gals keep me sane [most of the time]. And now that I got you all to join up on Facebook, Twitter, etc., I don't even have to physically talk to you on the phone. Wait, I might have to rethink the order of my #2 and #3.

01. God
Yes, yes, I know. This is what we "should" have as number one. But to me it really isn't about what should be in this slot or not. I may not have the "text book relationship" that is preached to us. He doesn't judge me because of this and he is always in my corner. He knows I love him and I know he loves me. And without him the previous nine answers would not be.


Sluiter Nation said...

Yay! EJ, I love your top ten! It's so good! I loved the part about "somehow this blog is getting written and you are not seeing a dime of my money!" HA! AWESOME!!

SSW said...

Awesome Top Ten!

EJ said...

Sluiter Nation: Thank you so much. I want to get into blogging more, but I never know what to blog about. I want to be original but it's hard. I'm in no rush to find myself on here; I know it will take some time. But for now, I will gladly take on your "top ten" challenge.

EJ said...

SSW: Thank you for reading. I don't have many followers, so it puts a smile on my face when I see a new face. :0)