Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things on my Christmas List

If you could have seen the grin on my face while putting my list together, you would have seen Peter Pan emerge. I love Christmas so much. Not just because the gifts but it seems to be the one thing that always no matter what was going on in my family that everyone could come together despite their differences. The good in the world also seems to shine just a little bit brighter this time of the year. Which, I feel justifies my list being all about me. (It's okay to laugh, I did.) Seriously, if anyone out wants to purchase any of the items on my list for me, please email me for my address, and I will surely reply back to you ASAP.

So to Santa and your elves; you know that I have been good all year long. Hit me with your best gift.

Top Ten Things on my Christmas List

10) New flat screen television
Everyone one knows that deep down inside that size does matter to guys. I have a large tube now (no euphemism here). It's a 32" Sharp tube television. But I've had to lug this heavy thing around for the last four years from apartment to apartment. I want something light and easy to move. I'm not greedy, it doesn't had to be larger than what I have now, just a flat screen.

09) Windows 7 software or new computer
I am happy with my current HP. However, my main software I need for work doesn't work on Vista. It would be great if I could work on my designs at home and not have to drive 20 minutes to the university to use it there. I graduated from college for a reason and would love to be free of them.

08) New queen size bed
I am too tall to be sleeping on my twin. This really should be my stocking stuffer just out of pity.

07) New pocket camera
I know that the deal last year was if I got an iPhone4, I would not need a camera. But Apple failed at making the camera on the phone amazing enough to live without a pocket camera. Again, nothing top of the line, but I would need to be better the iPhone4.

06) A juicer
Think about all of the money I would be saving?! Think of it was more of an investment.

05) New external hard-drive
You know that my 1 terabyte is full. “I'm not saying I'm just saying.” Ha-ha (inside joke) But really, it would be nice that be able to back up my whole laptop and have room for all of the new pictures and videos I've made this year.

04) Special event to be extended
I can't go into details about this right now, but I can soon. What I can say is that I will be designing lighting for a premiere. The event is only booked as a one week job but could be extended for up to an additional 2 weeks. This would be classified as "the gift that keeps on giving."

03) See my oldest niece
I have no children of my own. But I do love my nieces and nephew like they were my own. One of my nieces lives with her mother and she has kept her away from my family for the last six years. I might have been about to convince her to let my niece come visit me for a week. It would be great to see her again. It has been way to long.

02) Las Vegas for New Years
Las Vegas is my home away from home. I've been looking forward to this trip for two years. I hope that everything pans out. I can't wait to see the firework show in person.

01) Trip to Europe for spring break
This has been a dream of mine since high school. I helped host exchange students and have been fascinated with traveling abroad ever since. Every year something has come up to stop me from going. This year we are still at 50/50 but at this point the scale it leaning a little in my favor. I would love for you Santa to drop a gold bar my way so I could make this dream come true.


Sluiter Nation said...

he he...I LOVE this list. I especially love your sense of humor in your writing! It makes me chuckle. "tube". he he he.

SSW said...

Great list! I hope you receive your gifts and share!