Monday, February 11, 2008

New Bike

So I decided to yesterday that I was spending too much money on riding the bus to and from school and that I would be doing myself and my wallet a favor and just buy a new bike. So after church I went to Wal-Mart and met "Chuck." Chuck got no clue on what he was talking about involving bikes. This was kind of scary because the things he was saying would or should have turned me away from buying anything that was assembled by Wal-Mart. But since, I have a tough next 3 weeks ahead, I knew that I had to get the bike. IT TOOK FOREVER. I thought that Chuck was building me a new bike. Well an hour and $100 later, I got home with my new bike and actually rode it to rehearsal. It was nice being back on a bike after 4 months but MAN I am not in the same shape I was in before. I guess it is time to hit the gym again. But that will have to wait till March 10th.

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