Thursday, February 14, 2008

This has been a busy week for me...

I am glad though that I have made it so far.


Like all college students, we like to wait till the last minute to work on projects. But I think now that it is not because we want to, it is more that we have other things to work on. Well, I am heading to a conference / competition in LA for the week. And well, I did not have time the week before to work on my project for this so I decided to work on it after work (6pm). Well I forgot that I had a designer run-through for my other show that is opening the first week of March. I did not get out of there till 11pm. WOW, this is a great time to work on / start on my project. 6 a.m. rows around and it is almost time for me to catch my train. I was able to get everything completed.


I though that I would be able to head to LA and get back to Fullerton in 3 hrs. But the train gods did not think so. My train heading back to the OC was not there so I had to wait 2 hrs for the next one. I did not get back to the OC till 12noon and I was supposed to be in Balboa at 12. I got there at 1:30p. I also got a parking ticket for not parking head in. Silly parking cops. I finished work at 12a, and as I was on my way home, I got pulled over because I guess I looked like a person that robbed someone earlier that morning. First, it is 12am. I’M BLACK! How can you see me???? Oh…. Wait… I’m black and driving in the OC.


I check my messages from yesterday and found out that they moved my time for my interview, so I had to jet to LA STAT!!!! I get down there, and find out, that they didn’t after (no phone letting me know this) and actually they were an hr behind. So I got to LA at 11:30a and did not go till 7pm. But the interview went well.


I get a morning wake up call that I was one of the finalists for the design competition. YEAH!!! So, now I have to go through a final round Sat night. So I am going to be busy all day Saturday. Well, my department chair does not really care that we are busy this week, our light plots are still due, so I worked on it all day today. I finished around 5pm. I have to find her tomorrow and get her to approve it so that I can get my crew to load it in on Tuesday night. You have to love the theatre though, always one show to the next.

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